U.S. Specialty Soybeans: Delivering Quality, Sustainability and Safety

Melinda Garrelts

Melinda Garrelts

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As a valued customer purchasing U.S. Specialty soybeans, you can be assured that U.S. farmers and soybean processors are passionate about quality, sustainability and food safety. From farm field to soy-food product processing, attention to the needs of our customers is our highest priority.

The U.S. soybeans you purchase have unique value-added quality traits that can be customized to your specifications. Soybean breeders, agronomists and food scientists collaborate to enhance characteristics and traits for functional and innovative soy foods. Experienced and motivated U.S. soybean farmers and processors are part of a highly-developed food and agriculture system that supplies you with outstanding Specialty soybeans, now and in the future.

U.S. Specialty soybeans are closely managed from the time they are planted until they are delivered to the end user. Great care is taken to manage risk of commingling. Harvest and hauling are closely regulated to minimize exposure to non-food-grade soybeans. Those involved in the U.S. Specialty soybean market have access to technical support as well as many opportunities to participate in seminars and conferences that provide information about innovation, risk management and marketing.

Purity and Perfection

U.S. laws and regulations governing farmers, grain handlers, processors and exporters are some of the most rigorous in the world. A government-regulated system of guidelines that controls the export inspection, sampling, grading and weighing of soybeans ensures the soy product you receive is of the highest quality. U.S. soybean farmers have extensive, well-established crop management systems that are efficient and effective, which means you receive a superior soybean.

The quality and safety of your soy food products are increasingly dependent upon knowing with certainty the source of the soy ingredients used. Therefore, U.S. Specialty soybeans can be identity preserved when intended for a specific end use, which means some additional work is required during production. Identity preserved (IP) soybeans must be closely managed from the time they are planted until they are delivered to the buyer. Storage and processing operations are monitored and protected. Detailed records meticulously monitor and manage all aspects of soy production – from the time the soybean seed is planted in the field to the day the combine rolls in for harvest season – so you can be confident of continuous quality.

U.S. farmers work to meet your need for a uniform soybean appearance, free of damage and ready for processing. An example of how U.S. farmers consistently provide high-quality soybeans involves moisture content management. The ideal harvesting moisture for food-grade soybeans is 12 percent to 14.5 percent. U.S. farmers monitor moisture content prior to beginning harvest, and you benefit from minimized damage to soybean seed coats. U.S. farmers also work to minimize handling during transportation to maintain quality.

Stewardship of Resources

U.S. soybeans are the most sustainable in the world. U.S. farmers care about the air, water and land around them and implement conservation practices that help protect the environment. Stewardship of natural and human resources is at the heart of sustainable food ingredient production in the U.S. Efficient production of high-quality soybeans that protects and improves the natural environment, while also enhancing social and economic conditions and safeguarding the health and welfare of all, is essential to sustainability.

Laws and regulations abound in the U.S., and soybean farmers adhere to these protocols and principles. U.S. farmers participate in the U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP). Through the SSAP, sustainability is documented on a national scale with a third-party audit system. Continuous improvement is among the goals of the SSAP, which encourages U.S. soybean farmers to implement sustainable best practices in their farming operations.

U.S. farmers use many sustainable methods to produce soybeans, including but not limited to crop rotation, water management, reduced and conservation tillage practices, soil evaluation and monitoring, wildlife preservation, improving biodiversity, and implementing precision farming techniques and technology.

Peace of Mind

U.S. soy is the best overall value in the world. We understand that not only do you want a quality product with a superior nutrient profile, but you also need a safe, dependable and stable soy supply. U.S. farmers provide peace of mind, because the goal is to efficiently produce an abundant, safe, high-quality supply of soy for you to utilize for soy-food products. From the moment the soybeans are contracted to the time they arrive on your facility, we adhere to rules, regulations, protocols and processes that ensure your soy arrives on time and meets your needs.

The fact that U.S. Specialty soybeans can be shipped via containers can help ensure timely delivery, which gives you leverage in processing and utilization planning. The U.S. government and agricultural companies are investing in port-related infrastructure, including terminal facilities, roads, bridges, rail transportation and waterways leading to and from U.S. ports. Enhanced port infrastructure provides a global advantage, so you can place just-in-time orders for soybeans that get delivered when you need them. Backhaul freight movement is another advantage when receiving containers of U.S. soy. Shippers and freight forwarders make arrangements, so containers are not dead-headed. This approach provides a more efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable option for both the shipper and you, the customer.

U.S. farmers are committed to partnering with you so your soy arrives how you want it and when you want it. U.S. soybean farmers continue to plant more acres to soybeans with a higher percentage of protein in their Specialty soy in anticipation of your future needs. You can rely on U.S. farmers to provide a safe and secure supply of soy for all your food processing needs.

We want you, our customers, to be soy satisfied. That’s why U.S. soybean farmers are dedicated to providing high-quality, Specialty soybeans that are superior, safe, sustainable and readily available.