STC Looks North of the Border to Ship Soybeans

When it comes to exports, farmers don’t want to put all their soybeans in one or even a few baskets.

Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) leaders toured Canadian ports and rail facilities in August 2017. The group explored if soybeans and soybean products could be economically and efficiently hauled to ports in Vancouver and Prince Rupert for export.

STC Executive Director Mike Steenhoek says diversifying shipping is always good to increase competition, reliability and ultimately farmer revenue.

“I (and STC leadership) believe in the cardinal rule of not placing all your eggs in one basket,” Steenhoek says. “You always explore opportunities to diversity the supply chain. Not only multiple modes of transportation and locations in the United States, but other countries including our neighbors to the north.”

Cargill has one of several grain export terminals at the Port of Vancouver. (Photos: Matthew Wilde/Iowa Soybean Association)

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Matthew Wilde
Matthew Wilde

Crops Editor

DTN Progressive Farmer