Belize is one of the poorest countries in Central America, with high incidence of undernourishment. To improve nutrition there and to help communities encourage healthier lifestyles, Xpand2 LLC (an international marketing consultancy) and the Kansas Soybean Commission are developing a nutritional strategy based on soy protein and a self-sustainable microbusiness model using soy cows. It all starts by being affordable for the Belize population. Promoting food security and looking for an economic way to provide healthy food ensure poor communities receive at least some of their daily nutritional needs. Hygiene education helps avoid malnutrition and diseases related to food management and processes. Nutrition education encourages consumers in the selected communities to adopt new, healthier diets that include soy protein. Health education provides them with more information about soy and health benefits, encouraging them to prevent chronic diseases by eating more soy protein. Following a model from Colombia, the project supports the chosen communities with soy-cow know-how. It takes about eight months to get a community’s project up and running. Through their checkoff dollars, Kansas soybean farmers have an opportunity to become the driving force behind a healthier lifestyle, better nutrition and self-sustaining microenterprises while supplying them with soybeans. Selected communities learn the value of soy in combating malnutrition. The project will allow people to see how microbusiness can increase employment and community development. Its success will be determined by how well a community accepts food safety and hygiene and adopts soy into its diet.