U.S. Soy at Sustainable Brands

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Soy Much More Farm Tour

See where sustainability starts with an in-person visit to a real, working soybean farm just a short 1.5 hour bus ride from Minneapolis in Eau Galle, Wisconsin. The morning of RegenAg Summit as part of Sustainable Brands’ Brand Led Culture Change conference, you’ll have the chance to tour soybean fields, learn about and see on-farm sustainability and regenerative agriculture practices first hand, and learn more about soy and its potential to be a major innovative problem solver for brands as they navigate how to produce products that lessen impact on the environment but still deliver superior performance and benefit to consumers.

Thursday, May 9, 2024
7a.m. -11:45 a.m.

What to Know for the Tour:

Where to meet: Meet in the hotel lobby of the Hilton Minneapolis at 7 a.m. to grab a to-go breakfast and board complimentary shuttle busses to the farm!

What to wear: You’ll be outside while on the farm, so be sure to dress comfortably, for the weather (layers are good) and wear comfortable, flat, closed toe shoes.

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