Michigan soybean yield

Soybean Oil Value Calculator

The U.S. Soybean Export Council’s Soybean Oil Value Calculator is an innovative tool that enables crushers and refiners to make research-based data-driven decisions in their soybean and soybean oil purchases based on the nutrient value of soy, oil quality, and refining yield by country of origin.

The Soybean Oil Value Calculator quantifies the economic value of processing soybean oil by origin through identifying characteristics that contribute to refining cost differences. It analyzes soybean oil refining yield, revenue potential of refined soybean oil, cost of crude degummed soybean oil, and refining costs (neutralizing, bleaching, utilities) from the U.S., Brazil and Argentina, and is based off of almost 500 samples of crude degummed soybean oil collected in real world conditions.

To learn more about the refining advantages of U.S. Soy, you may download an overview here.

Customers can insert their own data into the calculator, such as capacity and expenses, to analyze the estimated refining benefit of using U.S. Soy.