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This is Planting

Meagan KaiserJul 19, 2018

It all starts with planting. At every U.S. Soy farm, that means beginning with the right seed and the right soil under the right conditions.…


International Trade Teams Connect Soybean Buyers with U.S. Farmers

David HeadleyJul 19, 2018

Relationship building is key to trust between buyers and sellers of U.S. Soy According to the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. soybean farmers exported a record…


Latin America’s First IPRS Aims to Boost U.S. Soy Utilization in Aquafeeds

Jen Del CarmenJul 18, 2018

As the global aquaculture industry continues to surge, fish farmers and producers seek out better, more sustainable aquafeed ingredients. U.S. Soy’s superior composition and quality…


Understanding Our Water to Better Manage Our Land

Jen Del CarmenJul 17, 2018

New technology helps U.S soybean farmers measure water quantity and quality in soil Humans need water to survive, as do animals, plants and nearly all…


Drones Help U.S. Soybean Farmers Reduce Waste, Maximize Resources and Boost Yields

Jen Del CarmenJul 16, 2018

Many U.S. farmers are vocal in stating that precision agriculture (also known as “big data”) has changed the way they farm. But can precision agriculture,…

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Soil Stewardship

Jason JenkinsJul 16, 2018

The clock on the dash of Ryan Britt’s pickup reads only 11:30 a.m., but it’s time for lunch. “Can’t be late on rib day,” Britt…