U.S. Soy reliably and consistently delivers a high-quality nutrient profile that provides its customers with a distinct performance advantage. The U.S. Soy industry enjoys high soil fertility, proper climate, excellent plant genetics, and outstanding crop management from farm to port, allowing production of the highest quality soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil in the world.

Extensive global research supports that U.S. soybean and soybean meal products contain more nutrients than soybean meal of other origins. U.S. Soy customers enjoy the oilseed’s:

  • Superior amino acid content and amino acid profile
  • Increased metabolizable energy content due to higher sugar levels, lower fiber content and improved amino acid digestibility
  • Higher total phosphorus content
  • Greater uniformity of nutrients

Expert support can also help improve product performance. The U.S. Soy industry provides support and expert technical assistance for its customers all over the world. Areas of technical expertise include: feed milling; poultry, aquaculture and livestock production; oil processing; and soy foods. Other local industry support includes downstream product marketing, industry seminars and conferences, risk management training and providing localized programs to help reduce trade barriers.