U.S. Soy customers experience a supply chain that delivers the consistent support, information and infrastructure needed for business success. The U.S. supply chain meets and exceeds its customers’ needs—regardless of shipment size, product type, location or even time of year. Soy customers generally experience shorter delivery times when they buy soy from the United States versus soy from other sources. The U.S. transportation infrastructure is reliable and efficient. Because of its diverse climate and growing areas, the United States has the ability to produce a reliable supply of soybeans.

The U.S. Soy industry delivers reliably, consistently and with integrity to all its customers. Helping customers throughout the value chain sets the U.S. Soy industry apart. U.S. Soy provides customers with the freedom to operate their businesses and choose the best possible products. Containerized shipping from the production site to the unloading site allows smaller customers to receive shipments economically, with a quicker turnaround time.

Consistent U.S. government inspections ensure that every customer gets quality soy. All U.S. Soy undergoes mandatory standard quality controls such as a stringent grading process and rigorous certification and sampling processes.