The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) is committed to growing the relationships that connect U.S. soybean oil buyers and sellers. Cultivating these relationships takes teamwork, which is why USSEC keeps returning with U.S. soybean oil customers to Expo ANTAD, the major trade show for Mexico and Latin America’s retail segment.

USSEC is a repeat participant in the internationally recognized business event aimed at the retail sector and the entire food industry from the distribution (importers, distributors, retailers, supermarket stores, department stores, specialty stores) and the food service sector (restaurants, hotel chains, industrial canteens, cruise ship suppliers). Approximately 2,200 people attend.

U.S. soybean oil is on center stage in USSEC’s exhibit and cooking demonstrations and many discussions to inform attendees about the functionality, nutrition and sustainability benefits of U.S. soybean oil. A 2018 company representative finds the information reaffirms the excellent characteristics and versatility of soybean oil for different applications and processes like food service and frying.

Importantly, USSEC’s support significantly boosts an image of very positive teamwork with manufacturers and their clients. Collaboration with USSEC allows them to interact with current clients and opens new markets and opportunities to meet potential clients.

The end result is business growth. During Expo ANTAD 2018, a crusher and refiner negotiated with three different companies to sell them one truck per month with 1,260 twenty liter containers of U.S. soybean oil (25,200 liters per truck). These customer relationships have continued.

Another crusher and refiner reported they made ten potential sales contacts at Expo ANTAD 2018. A few days after the trade show, they began supplying a total of 1,600 twenty liters containers of U.S. soybean oil per month.