The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) supports loyal Bulgarian customers of U.S. Soy, recently participating via a sponsorship and technical presentations at the Annual Conference of the Bulgaria Feed Manufacturers’ Association (BFMA) held in Varna, Bulgaria. USSEC helped to educate the audience about the advantages of using animal feed made with U.S. Soy with an emphasis on nutritional value.

USSEC consultant Dr. Jan van Eys gave a presentation to more than 100 Bulgarian feed industry delegates, and the audience was updated on readily available U.S. soybean meal imported by Bunge for the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.

USSEC consultant Dr. Jan van Eys updated Bulgarian feed industry delegates with the latest results on U.S. soy survey

The presentation given by Dr. van Eys, “Quality Control of Soy Ingredients in Animal Diets with Focus on U.S. Soy,” discussed the current situation in the soy and feed ingredients markets, how to properly sample soy ingredients, and updates on quality parameters, with special attention to recent parameters and the specific application to soybean meal.

An animated question and answer session followed, reflecting the importance of the subject for the Bulgarian feed industry. Additional discussions and interactions took place throughout the day allowing a more in-depth exchange of information, especially as it relates to U.S. Soy. Clearly, a major issue and interrogation is the current and future price evolutions of soy and the impact of these on compound feed production and feed cost, especially in the context of record prices for pork, resulting from the recent ongoing world swine industry crisis.

Protein panel speakers presented different solutions for the growing demand of the Bulgarian feed industry for high quality protein ingredients

The other presenters from the protein ingredients panel organized at this event highlighted their companies and the associated various productions and innovations in the field of vegetal protein ingredients products. USSEC’s place and its role in stimulating and organizing this meeting were of great value for Bulgarian feed manufacturers and the contribution was greatly appreciated.

The annual conference is the most important event of the Bulgarian feed industry and the main opportunity for the industry specialists to interact and update on the state-of-the-art knowledge
Conference participants celebrated 25 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian Feed Manufacturers Association

A significant number of nutritionists, quality control, and purchasing managers participated in the feed association’s annual meeting. Like much of Eastern Europe, Bulgaria represents a significant growth opportunity for livestock production and thus, U.S. soybeans, notably within the greater European context. As such, the place of the Bulgarian feed and livestock industry in the future of the EU livestock production industry is clearly assured and, if properly managed, will provide a reliable and growing client base and demand for U.S. Soy.