The Power of Soy Milk

Lisa Humphreys

Lisa Humphreys

United Soybean Board

Just one glass of soy milk is packed with potential.

Whether you’re a vegan, allergic to dairy, or just looking for a sustainable, nutritious addition to your diet, soy milk is a refreshing choice. Its culinary versatility, creamy texture and subtle flavor makes it a great thirst quencher and a welcome inclusion in a variety of recipes. And did you know? You can swap animal milk for soy milk in almost any recipe!

See the benefits of soy milk for both your health and our planet.

Soy milk has a relatively long shelf life compared to fresh, animal-based protein sources, reducing food waste and making for easier storage and distribution. See how soy milk compares to other plant-based beverages.

Research links making your own food and beverages to an increase in happiness and relaxation as well as a greater sense of confidence and self-reliance. Making food and beverages at home is also a great way to save money and promote sustainability by reducing food waste. You can make your own soy milk at home with water and yellow U.S. soybeans. 

Streamline the process by investing in a soy milk making machine. Today’s soy milk makers are available at a wide range of price points and capability levels.

Whether you purchase soy milk from your local grocery store, make it at home, use it to punch up a recipe or enjoy it as a standalone drink, soy milk is always a good decision.