Soy is a sustainable alternative to synthetic fabrics and is a comfortable, high-performing solution that helps reduce your environmental footprint. Discover the world of sustainable, soy-based fashion.
Food & Lifestyle

Beyond Food: Soy-Based, Sustainable Fashion

Lisa Humphreys|Aug 9, 2023

While fast-fashion brands have had a recent surge in popularity, their use of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon may concern those trying to lead…

Soy can help people embrace a healthier lifestyle.
Food & Lifestyle

Beyond Food: Soy in Supplements

Lisa Humphreys|Jun 8, 2023

Soy, one of the most researched foods in nutrition science, has transcended its traditional use as a food and found its way into a wide…

Food & Lifestyle

From Tofu to Natto: Soy Shines in Asian Cuisine

Lisa Humphreys|Jun 5, 2023

Soybeans have been a celebrated part of Asian cuisine for thousands of years. In fact, it’s believed that soybeans were first domesticated in China in…