HempWood® named Coolest Thing Made in Kentucky

USSOY Staff Writer|Apr 26, 2024

There could be no more fitting day than Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, for HempWood® to be named the “2024 Coolest Thing Made in…


U.S. Soy Innovation Challenge: CellyFill Delivers Sustainable, Comfortable Seating

Laura Temple|Apr 17, 2024

The United Soybean Board teamed up with The Yield Lab Institute and AWS Startups to create the Soy Innovation Challenge, where entrepreneurs use new technology…

Ground Work

Ground Work: Connecting Students to Modern Agriculture through Nourish the Future

Matt Gast|Apr 8, 2024

The Ground Work series shares the perspectives of U.S. soybean farmers as they observe how the U.S. Soy industry lays the groundwork to grow innovative,…

Food & Lifestyle

Bringing a Renewable Touch to Homes and Offices

USSOY Staff Writer|Mar 29, 2024

From rooftop to insulation to asphalt, soy has the building industry covered as it continues to look for products made with renewable ingredients. With more…

Food & Lifestyle

Plant-Based Solutions Spotlighted at SXSW

Joseph L. Murphy|Mar 28, 2024

If you head south and veer southwest, you’ll land in a place that embraces the weird, the eclectic and the key to future collaboration. Each…

Food & Lifestyle

Celebrate Soy Foods Month 2024

Lisa Humphreys|Mar 27, 2024

Join soybean growers as part of their soy checkoff, the U.S. Soy community, the food industry, health professionals, and consumers across the nation in celebrating…


Traveling with and on Soy

USSOY Staff Writer|Feb 29, 2024

A bit of a showman, Henry Ford used a stunt to show the strength and potential of soy plastic. The story goes that he swung…

Animal Nutrition

Pets Dig U.S. Soy

Laura Temple|Feb 21, 2024

Furred, four-legged, feathered and finned companions complete many families worldwide, likely including yours. More than half the people in the world have at least one…

Food & Lifestyle

Smoke marks the spot at barbecue comps

Joseph L. Murphy|Jan 5, 2024

I'm sure you've heard the famous saying X marks the spot. That may be true for some things but in the world of competitive barbecuing,…

On Derek Haigwood's Arkansas farm, he utilizes no till as a sustainability practice.

Biodiversity and U.S. Soy Farmers’ Commitments in Action

Abby Rinne|Dec 22, 2023

Choosing U.S. Soy supports a comprehensive system of biodiversity efforts. Voluntary programs coupled with legislation create a framework for U.S. farmers to promote biodiversity in…