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Soy, High-Phytate Foods May Help Prevent Cancer

Mark Messina, Ph.D.Jul 3, 2019

The high phytate content of soy and plant-based diets might help to prevent the development of cancer. That speculation could be drawn from the publication…


Food Uses of Soy that May Surprise You, Part 1 of 2

Linda FunkJun 20, 2019

Global consumption of soy extends beyond traditional food choices such as tempeh, tofu and soymilk. Soy ingredients also provide functional and nutrition benefits for various…


Global Growth Markets for New Soy Products, Part 1 of 2

Linda FunkMay 26, 2019

With more consumer attention focused on food products that offer quality ingredients, nutrition content and high-quality plant proteins, soyfoods are gaining prominence, as many new…

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When Specialty Markets Call, U.S. Companies Answer

Timothy LohDec 15, 2018

Small Missouri Grain Facility Hopes to Provide Premium Soybeans for Niche Markets In late August, the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) hosted the U.S. Soy…


A New Whey to Drink Soy

Nayeli VilanovaDec 7, 2018

Increasingly, U.S. Soy is being processed for human consumption, typically in the form of vegan-friendly soy milk. Soon, consumers who want to drink their soy…


Unique Indonesia Market is Setting for U.S. Soy Information Exchange Event

Chris RittgerNov 16, 2018

In 2017, the U.S. exported about 2.5 million tons of soybeans to Indonesia, primarily for human consumption. This makes the Southeast Asia national a very…