Grains Go With The Flow: U.S. Inland Waterway System Operating Normally During COVID-19

U.S. Grains Council|May 11, 2020

The U.S. continues to ship agricultural commodities via waterways, including a reliable supply of soybeans, during the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.


U.S. Ag Exports Continue During Pandemic

USSEC Staff Writer|Apr 7, 2020

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has slowed many industries in recent months. But U.S. farmers continue to grow a reliable supply of agricultural commodities – including…


U.S. Rivers and Ports Receive Large Increase in Funding

Alan Barrett|Jan 22, 2020

The Gulf of Mexico and coastal ports are the ultimate location for U.S. imports and exports, and so those locations will consume dredging dollars reserved…

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