The Future Of Agriculture: Producing More From Less

David Green|Mar 5, 2019

By the time you read this sentence, ten more people will have joined the growing world population.[1]Perhaps that fact might be easier to grasp than…


U.S. Soybean Farmers Embrace Technology to Grow Crops with Scientific Precision

David Festa|Nov 9, 2018

Tech Startups Raise Millions to Develop Precision Ag Tools Agriculture is the latest U.S. industry to embrace technology - and venture capitalists are taking notice.…


Precision Agriculture for the Next Generation of Farmers

Lisa Humphreys|Oct 19, 2018

South Dakota State University to Become First in Nation to Offer Degrees in Precision Agriculture Profitable and sustainable farming is more complicated than just seeds,…


Technology Makes U.S. Soybean Farmers Better, Faster…and More Sustainable

Jennifer Kite-Powell|Oct 10, 2018

From self-driving tractors to drones, technology is helping U.S. soybean farmers more efficient.  Technology companies are investing billions of dollars into agriculture, filling Rural America’s…


Precision Technology Advances Soy Sustainability

Laura Temple|Sep 18, 2018

In any production system, precision leads to efficiency and quality. For soybean production, precision also leads to sustainability. “We strive for every drop of water…


Soy Sustainability: Using Land Wisely

Laura Temple|Sep 11, 2018

The fields covering rural America may appear monotonous from the air or highway. But farmers have a much different perspective. “Land is the most permanent…


Sustainable Farming: Growing More With Less

USB Staff Writer|Aug 29, 2018

Farmers are always innovating in order to improve Sustainability takes flexibility. Farmers understand what works well for one field on their farm may not work…


Big Data. Big Difference.

Laura Wolf|Mar 1, 2017

HOW TO TURN FARM DATA INTO MORE SUSTAINABLE SOYBEANS. You’re already collecting lots of data about your farm. Now, it’s time to put it to…