Ground Work

Ground Work: Connecting Students to Modern Agriculture through Nourish the Future

Matt Gast|Apr 8, 2024

The Ground Work series shares the perspectives of U.S. soybean farmers as they observe how the U.S. Soy industry lays the groundwork to grow innovative,…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: North Dakota Soybean Harvest Rolling

Matt Gast|Sep 27, 2021

Planting early and a hot, dry summer combined to allow us to start harvesting soybeans about 15 to 20 days earlier than normal. Those same…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Rain Needed to Fill Out North Dakota Soybeans

Matt Gast|Aug 24, 2021

Our fields are getting drier. After several weeks of ideal conditions, my town has recorded just 1 cm, or 0.4 inch, of rain in the…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Finishing Harvest, Preparing for Next Year in North Dakota

Matt Gast|Dec 6, 2021

After a summer of drought, the wet fall in our area of the U.S. Northern Plains forced an extended harvest season. We finally finished harvesting…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: Ideal Growing Conditions for North Dakota Soybeans

Matt Gast|Jul 26, 2021

While some areas of the U.S., including my state, are way too dry, other areas of the country are way too wet. But in my…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: North Dakota Soybean Yields Lower Than Expected

Matt Gast|Oct 22, 2021

A month into harvest, we are seeing the results of a challenging season. Farmers in our area of the Northern Plains of the U.S. expected…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2021: North Dakota Crops Emerging, Need Rain

Matt Gast|Jun 16, 2021

This year, we finished planting all our fields – both soybeans and corn – by May 27, roughly two weeks earlier than average. It’s also…


U.S. Soybean Versatility Highlighted at Dakotafest

Michelle Rook|Sep 20, 2018

The soybean industry is a dynamic part of South Dakota's economy with meal and oil products providing feed for livestock and food for consumers. Farmers…

Jared Hagert on his farm in Emerado, ND
Ground Work

Snow Left Moist Start for Week

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 23, 2013

This week Jared Hagert is still harvesting his soybean crop, with a little more than one thousand acres left to go. It’s been wet in…