Soybeans and Swine Health:How soy bioactives may play key role in sound nutritional foundations of healthy pigs

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 27, 2020

When challenged by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PPRSV), pigs receiving dietary soy isoflavones exhibited 50% less mortality over their growth period, speeding recovery…

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New Insights About Soy and Prostate

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|May 17, 2019

Men who regularly consume soy are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t.  New research from Ohio State University provides one reason…

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Perspective on Breast Cancer and Soy Controversy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.|Jan 14, 2019

The soy and breast cancer controversy has been around a long time. It persists despite an abundance of human research supporting the safety and possible…