Brazil’s Minimum Freight Rates May be Ruled Unconstitutional

Alan Barrett|Feb 26, 2020

A possible truckers’ strike in Brazil could potentially affect the U.S. soy industry.


Barge Industry Consolidation

Alan Barrett|Feb 18, 2020

Barge industry consolidation will affect the U.S. soy industry in 2020.


Paving of BR-163 Improves Brazil Northern Arc Ports

Alan Barrett|Feb 7, 2020

Improvements to Brazilian infrastructure could potentially affect the U.S. soy industry.


Truck Rates Increasing After Long Fall

Alan Barrett|Feb 6, 2020

Truck capacity is booked either by spot market or through a contract rate. The spot rate is the market rate, while the contract rate is…


Ocean Freight Rates at Nine Month Low

Alan Barrett|Jan 28, 2020

Due to Asia’s extremely long distance from the U.S., ocean freight rates play a major role in the price a farmer ultimately receives. Over the…


U.S. Rivers and Ports Receive Large Increase in Funding

Alan Barrett|Jan 22, 2020

The Gulf of Mexico and coastal ports are the ultimate location for U.S. imports and exports, and so those locations will consume dredging dollars reserved…


Journey of a Bean

David Geiger|Jan 13, 2020

This documentary, written, filmed, and produced by David Geiger, agriculture journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host of the Agribusiness Report, traces the journey of a U.S.…


Olmsted Lock and Dam Plans Proceeding

Alan Barrett|Jan 7, 2020

Well-functioning waterways are crucial to U.S. infrastructure and the timely, reliable delivery of U.S. soybeans. For the Olmsted Lock and Dam project, the next steps…


Rail Raised Tariffs

Alan Barrett|Jan 2, 2020

The theory often floated by opponents of investing in the Inland Mississippi River System is that barge volume can easily be shifted to rail.  In…


Secondary Rail Markets Increasing

Alan Barrett|Dec 23, 2019

Farmers in the Upper Plain states are dependent on rail service for soybean export shipments, as rail is the most efficient transportation mode in rural…