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Ground Work 2021: Weather Slows Iowa Harvest

Tim BardoleNov 11, 2021

After managing drought conditions all season, we received more than 13 cm, or 5 inches, of rain the last week of October. Two different systems…

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2020 Ground Work: Spring Preparation in Minnesota

Jamie BeyerApr 13, 2020

Minnesota soybean farmer Jamie Beyer shares a 2020 Ground Work update on planting preparation on her farm, focusing on fertilizing, rolling fields and crop planting…

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2020 Ground Work: Getting Ready to Plant in Iowa

Lindsay GreinerApr 2, 2020

Spring rains have been moving through Iowa, in the center of the U.S. Midwest. So we have been in our shop getting our equipment ready…

Our Farms

Harvesting U.S. Soy in North Dakota

CommonGround North DakotaFeb 2, 2020

Hayden Morken, son of North Dakota Soybean Council chairman Joe Morken, explains the soybean harvesting process. Watch as Hayden talks about essential farm equipment and…


Times Are Changing: Processors, How Will You Adapt to Improved Soybean Quality?

USB Staff WriterFeb 17, 2017

We hear a lot about what soybean meal end users want: more protein, fewer indigestible soluble carbohydrates, a better amino acid profile, a less expensive…