U.S. Soy: The Sustainability Solution

Jen Del Carmen|Dec 31, 2020

Sustainability is a key differentiator for the U.S. soy industry. During the 2020 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange & Specialty Grains Show, Janjoris Van Diepen…


New Vision for Next Decade of Soybean, Plant Research

Lisa M. Balbes|Oct 22, 2020

In a recently released report entitled “Plant science decadal vision 2020-2030: Reimagining the potential of plants for a healthy and sustainable future,” more than 40…

Food & Lifestyle

Healthy Planet

USB Staff Writer|Oct 1, 2020

Food & Lifestyle

The Added Value of U.S. Soy

USB Staff Writer|Oct 1, 2020

Sustainability practices on the farm support the companies including soy in their products. Those products ultimately make their way to consumers who are looking for…

Food & Lifestyle

Sustainable from the Soil Up

McKenna Dosier|Aug 20, 2020

U.S. soy is a sustainable product from the ground up, produced by farmers that take their stewardship of the land seriously.


Farm Technology: Going Digital to Boost Economics and Environment

Illinois Soybean Association|Feb 27, 2020

An Illinois Soybean Association article highlights five agtech trends that allow soybean farmers to use digital technology to support their economic and environmental sustainability.


Worm Pheromones Protect Major Crops

Aaron J. (A.J.) Bouchie|Sep 25, 2019

Protecting crops from pests and pathogens without using toxic pesticides has been a longtime goal of farmers. Researchers at Boyce Thompson Institute have found that…


Transportation Infrastrucuture Projects Improving the Environment

Alan Barrett|Apr 22, 2019

Transportation infrastructure projects reduce congestion and improve efficiency, which improves economic returns, reduces traffic related deaths, limits environmental impacts and reduces government expenditures.  Often when…


Soy Checkoff Sustainability Investments Pay Off

Laura Temple|Sep 11, 2018

Soy contributes to countless food, feed and fuel products. From high-protein animal feed and cleaner-burning biodiesel to versatile vegetable oil and soy lecithin, soy delivers…