U.S. Farmers Use Crop Rotation to Maximize Sustainable Production

Doug Winter|Sep 15, 2018

Ask United States soybean farmers about crop rotation, and they will likely tell you it is one of many tools they use on their farms…


Is U.S. Soy Farming Sustainable?

Kansas Farm Food Connection|Sep 14, 2018

Crop roation, contour farming and water conservation are just a few of the sustainable farming practices the Winsor family uses to help improve the soil…


Soy Sustainability: Using Land Wisely

Laura Temple|Sep 11, 2018

The fields covering rural America may appear monotonous from the air or highway. But farmers have a much different perspective. “Land is the most permanent…

Ground Work

Sustainability—A Generational Farm’s Purpose

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 21, 2014

Bainbridge Farm Ethan, South Dakota When it comes to sustainability, most U.S. farmers are doing everything they can to maintain the land, resources and fertility…