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Harvest is just around the corner

Quint Pottinger

Quint Pottinger



The U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol

Lisa Humphreys|Sep 8, 2018

You’ve heard the stat before; more than 9 billion people will inhabit the earth by 2050. Farmers must be sustainable in order to meet this…

Ground Work

Our harvest went really well

John Heisdorffer|Dec 8, 2014

Now, that harvest is over, we’ve been cutting a little brush and working on taxes and getting things ready for the meeting season. Our harvest…

Ground Work

Harvest was a little challenging this year

Dwain Ford|Dec 1, 2014

Harvest was a little challenging this year because it started raining once harvest began. With the large crop we had this year, the elevator had…

Ground Work

Catching Up on Paperwork

Richard Wilkins|Dec 1, 2014

Although I’m catching up on paperwork this week, the men on the farm are weaning, vaccinating and worming calves. We’ve also been working in the…

Ground Work

Saving the Soil for the Future

Lisa Humphreys|Jul 1, 2014

If you walk through the fields on Laura and Bill Foell’s corn and soybean farm in Iowa in the spring, you might notice seedlings poking…

Jared Hagert on his farm in Emerado, ND
Ground Work

Snow Left Moist Start for Week

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 23, 2013

This week Jared Hagert is still harvesting his soybean crop, with a little more than one thousand acres left to go. It’s been wet in…

Ground Work

Making Sustainability A Family Affair

USSEC Staff Writer|Oct 14, 2013

Richard Jameson has made a home for himself on the cutting edge of sustainable farming. He’s always collecting data to make his operation more efficient,…