Ground Work

U.S. Farmers Can Now Put Soil Moisture Technology in Action

Jamie Beyer|Sep 11, 2018

U.S. farmers have long embraced opportunities to improve their crop and their land through on-farm technology, whether through irrigation, biotechnology, or drones. A new on-farm…


Why Gene Editing is the Next Food Revolution

National Geographic|Sep 7, 2018

Global magazine highlights a still largely untapped innovation with great potential for the U.S. Soy industry National Geographic recently profiled gene editing, a scientific breakthrough…


Sustainable Farming: Growing More With Less

USB Staff Writer|Aug 29, 2018

Farmers are always innovating in order to improve Sustainability takes flexibility. Farmers understand what works well for one field on their farm may not work…


Biotech innovation good for the U.S. economy  

USB Staff Writer|Jun 9, 2017

  Careers in the biotechnology sector are at the forefront of job creation and growth. In the U.S., bioscience firms employ 1.66 million people across…

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Regulatory delays have real costs to soy value chain, consumers

USB Staff Writer|Feb 17, 2017

With the population expected to reach 9.1 billion people by 2050, agriculture needs access to new tools and technologies to meet the needs of a…

Ground Work

A Soybean Farmer’s Story: Agriculture Embraces Technology

Nancy Kavazanjian|Sep 8, 2016

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Family Ties Help Bind

USB Staff Writer|Jun 24, 2015

U.S. farming families show European farming families the benefits of biotech More often than not, a good answer to a questions comes down to telling…

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Health benefits of biotechnology

Lisa Katic, RD, CSW|Sep 8, 2014

What benefits do biotechnology enhanced soybeans provide to human health and environmental sustainability?