The United Soybean Board administers the national soy checkoff for the United States on behalf of U.S. soybean farmers. This in-depth conversation with CEO Polly Ruhland, explains how sustainability and innovation are at the root of supporting soybean farmers and their land. She describes research into uses for soy, the focus on providing protein to support a growing world and the ongoing focus on sustainability for the future. 

“Our main mission is to create partnerships that increase the value and preference for U.S. Soy,” says Ruhland in this article. “Those partnerships act as catalysts to launch new products and soy innovations into the marketplace. We strive to be a global leader in sustainability, and by 2025, specific goals prioritize reducing soil erosion and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing energy efficiency on farms.”

The United Soybean Board is key to many efforts that help U.S. soybean farmers supply high-quality soy products to the worldwide marketplace.


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