Soy Much to Offer

Lisa Humphreys

Lisa Humphreys

United Soybean Board

From its sustainable production to its reliable delivery, U.S. Soy provides a quality product for international buyers.

U.S. Soy has had a steadfast relationship with global animal agriculture for decades. It’s a relationship based on supply and demand. As global prosperity continues to ascend, so does consumption of meat. The more meat we consume, the more food animals are raised to meet this demand, and the more soybean meal that is needed for feed rations. Given this hunger for meat – and for soy – the future looks bright for U.S. Soy and global animal agriculture, which seem perfectly coupled. 

For the U.S. Soy industry, that challenge is happening now, as taxes and tariffs are being applied to commodities on both sides of the globe. This uncertainty has caused China and others to purchase competing feedstuffs and South American soybeans when they would historically have purchased U.S. soybeans. Couple that with favorable growing conditions in the U.S. so far this growing season and you have an abundance of U.S. Soy that could lead to more supply than there is global demand. As a result, prices of U.S. soybeans have hit a decade-low. 

While times have been turbulent for soy prices this summer, rest assured, U.S. Soy remains an exceptional product, rich in the proteins and amino acids that animal agriculture demands and depends on. U.S. soybean farmers are among the most sustainable in the world, implementing production practices that preserve the land while simultaneously producing a consistent and abundant supply. Furthermore, it’s backed by unparalleled customer service, with organizations like the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) ready to assist with any purchasing or production questions. 

Reliable, consistent and a good partner – described in these terms, we could as easily be writing an online dating profile for a friend seeking a personal relationship as describing a commodity feed staple. 

Perhaps the profile for U.S. Soy might read something like this:

Do you value quality? If so, U.S. Soy might be just the partner for you. U.S. Soy is looking for long-term partnerships around the globe. We want to be the supply to your demand. In return, you can count on the U.S. Soy Advantage. 

Family-values are important to U.S. Soy. 97 percent of U.S. farms are family-operated, with many having been passed down for generations. U.S. Soy is also environmentally conscious and enjoys partnering with others who share this stewardship and appreciate the production practices U.S. soybean farmers employ to deliver a sustainable product while also preserving the land for the next generation.

U.S. Soy loves animals – animal agriculture, to be precise. Poultry, swine or aquaculture, you can count on U.S. soybean meal to be a reliable provider of proteins and amino acids to help your livestock grow faster, have more energy and produce more. 

Our positive attributes don’t stop there. U.S. Soy is well traveled. Nearly 60 percent of all soybeans grown in U.S. soybean fields last year ended up overseas, and USSEC has a global presence to support these international buyers. When a buyer orders U.S. Soy, they can be confident it will deliver on-time, thanks to a reliable U.S. transportation system.  

If you find these qualities attractive, let’s have a conversation. You can contact your USSEC representative or submit an inquiry form online to connect with a U.S. exporter. 

Together, we can explore new markets and plan for a future with 9 billion mouths to feed. 

Will you be the meal to our oil? 

The relationship between U.S. Soy and its international buyers will stand the test of time. The U.S. Soy industry is in it for the long haul, committed to meeting and exceeding demands to ensure a bright future. Along the way, USSEC will be everywhere that U.S. Soy is used, supporting buyers, lending counsel when needed and connecting the farmers who grow U.S. Soy to the buyers who purchase it.