This Valentine’s Day, embark on a culinary love story with a soy-inspired three-course meal meant for two. Soy is both an easy, nutritious, and budget-friendly addition to your dishes — plus it’s a sustainable choice, helping you show love to both your partner and the planet. Let’s get started!


Begin your romantic meal with warm pita, veggies and plenty of healthy dip options that all start from one easy base: edamame!

Hint: You can often find edamame in the freezer section of your local grocery. Grab a bag or two, your trusty food processor and some vegetable oil. In less than 10 mins, you’ll have whipped up a few different plant-based dips, guaranteed to impress your sweetheart.

Basil Edamame Dip

Edamame Hummus

Roasted Garlic Edamame Hummus


A meal just isn’t complete without a side salad. Create one of these easy salads to pair with your main course. The soybean oil (a.k.a. vegetable oil) has a neutral flavor and, when folded into salad dressings, helps make them silky smooth. 

Wild Green Salad with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette

Super Soy and Ancient Grain Salad

Roasted Beet and Fresh Goat Cheese Salad


In our opinion, pasta has the potential to be an incredibly romantic dish. Especially when it features a sustainable, plant-based protein, like tofu! Eat it by candlelight with your loved one, and bonus points if there’s a red checkered tablecloth and soft music in the background.

Gnudi Gnocchi

Mac & Cheese

Tofu Alfredo Pasta


End your evening with a sweet finale to your meal, fried to perfection in soybean oil. Soy’s versatile charm shines in fried pastries, as soybean oil creates a crisp exterior and pillowy-soft interior! Present one (or all, we won’t tell!) of these deserts to your date as an edible declaration of love.

Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Big-Easy Beignets

Delectable Doughnut Bites

Soy’s culinary versatility make it a great way to elevate your date night this Valentine’s Day. From a delicious crudité plate to a simple salad, creamy pasta, and a sweet fried finish, these soy recipes promise you and your partner a romantic journey through soy-powered flavor.

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