Soy-Based Gifts Mom Will Love

Lisa Humphreys

Lisa Humphreys

United Soybean Board

Nurturing. Unique. Multifaceted. The words that best describe your mom can also apply to… soybeans? It’s true! Not only are soybeans a nutritious staple on your plate, they’re also used to create a variety of items that make perfect gifts — from cosmetics to home decor to apparel.

So, whether you’re picking up a gift for your grandmother, mom, the mother of your children, or another maternal figure, show your gratitude for all moms (including Mother Earth!) by giving them a soy-based Mother’s Day gift.

For the Makeup Maven

Does your mom have a ten-step skincare routine or always pick up the latest lipstick color? If so, she’ll appreciate the unique benefits of soy-based cosmetics. From lip balm to moisturizer, mom is bound to get excited when receiving one of the following soy-based beauty products.

Soy Lip Products

Consider picking up one of Huda Beauty’s soy-based Silk Balm Hydrating and Nourishing Lip Balms, which gives lips a glossy, hydrated and full appearance.

If mom prefers a more subtle makeup look, might we suggest Green Apple (Soy) Lip Balm? This hydrating balm offers customization that is great for gifting: you can pick the color of the recyclable tin!

Soy Skin Products

Soy ingredients have a well-deserved reputation for improving the appearance and health of skin. Your skincare obsessed mother might want to add Eminence Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream into her bedtime routine for its ability to revitalize skin’s complexion.

Or maybe she’d like some enriching sun protection? Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Facial Moisturizer, formulated with Total Soy Complex, is another soy-based skincare option which offers mom SPF 30 sun protection during daylight hours.

For the Mom Who Deserves a Break

She might be an involved grandparent, or a first-time mom adjusting to the joys and challenges of caring for a new baby. Whatever the case, the mom in your life deserves a break! Soy-based candles and soy fiber pillows can help create a spa-like environment at home, where mom can comfortably unwind.

Soy Candles

Long-lasting and environmentally friendly, candles made with soy wax are the perfect gift for encouraging mom to take a much-needed break from her busy day.

Take the kids to the park and leave mom with a soy-based candle from ESPA’s Spa collection.  Earthy fragrances, like peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary can contribute to a calming environment.

Are votive candles more mom’s style? Consider a fragrance or unscented version from Soyworx.

Soy Pillows

Parenting can be a pain in the neck — literally! After spending the day bending down to pick toys off of the floor and craning her neck to keep an eye on little ones, mom might like to rest her head on a soft and sustainable surface. Made with soy fibers, a Reverse Traction Soy Neck Pillow by Yutdiery will support mom’s neck and spine for a good night’s sleep.

If mom would prefer a decorative option for naps on the couch, these soybean fiber throw  pillows make for a cute and cozy landing spot.

For the Jogger

If the kids are down for a nap, she’s up for a jog on the treadmill! Sporty moms will feel good about soy activewear that allows them to engage in healthy hobbies while preserving the health of the environment.

Soy Activewear

Whether she’s signed-up for spin class or pumped to hit the hiking trail, mom can get moving in breathable athleticwear made from soy.

Brand Carrot Banana Peach has a wide selection of leggings and camisoles made from 97% soy materials. Miakoda uses a blend of organic materials, including soy, to create athleticwear for women sizes XS to 4XL.

For the Note Logger

Keeping a journal of her children’s milestones… Jotting down notes while speaking to the pediatrician… Writing out a recipe to pass along to her daughter-in-law… This mom relies on her trusty note-taking skills to stay on top of it all!

Soy Ink Notebooks

Aptly named Decomposition sells notebooks made from recycled paper, featuring aesthetically pleasing covers printed using soy ink.

If mom is passionate about mental health, she will appreciate that proceeds from these 100% recycled paper notebooks printed with soy-based ink support Letters to Strangers, a youth-run mental health nonprofit.

Show Your Love for Mom with Soy

Whether she prefers to unwind with a nap or a jog, likes to journal or experiment with makeup, do something nice for mom (and Mother Earth!) by surprising her with a sustainable, soy-based Mother’s Day gift.

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