Sigel Farm Producing Better-Quality Bean

USSEC Staff Writer

USSEC Staff Writer

U.S. Soybean Export Council

The Dasenbrock family started sending in their soybean samples to the University of Minnesota for evaluation five years ago as part of the High Yield Plus Quality program created by the Illinois Soybean Association. The program started with a desire to build a soybean quality standard that compares to other soybean-producing countries.

The Dasenbrocks work with family-owned Kitchen Seed Company Inc., planting two of their seed varieties. In 2017, Lloyd Dasenbrock was recognized for producing a high-yield soybean product with high-feed value by the HY+Q program.

“The U.S. Soybean Export Council wants the U.S. to have the best bean,” said Matt Dasenbrock, co-operator of Sigel farm. “The U.S. can produce the sheer volume, and that’s not the issue. It’s the high quality. That should improve prices for the farmers in the future.”