In late February, Minneapolis-St. Paul based Calyxt announced the successful commercial launch of its new trademarked high oleic soybean oil product, Calyno. This is the company’s first commercial offering in the U.S. and is geared towards frying, salad dressings, and sauce applications in the food service industry. According to its press release, “Calyno oil contains approximately 80 percent oleic acid and up to 20 percent less saturated fatty acids when compared to commodity soybean oil, as well as zero grams of trans fat per serving.” The company also announced the commercialization of its new high oleic soybean meal for livestock feeding. Calyxt has reportedly partnered with more than 100 farmers in the United States that have enrolled over 34,000 acres in the upper-Midwest region.

Demand from the U.S. food industry for high oleic oils is nothing new, but consumers have been reaping the benefits of the premium oil for years now. According to QUALISOY, high oleic soybean oil offers a familiar, neutral taste with lower saturated fats, three times the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acidsand comes without any unnecessary trans fats. Calyno claims that its product provides up to three times the fry life and extended shelf life compared to commodity oils.

The United Soybean Board (USB) and other organizations have focused resources on developing value-added products such as high oleic soybean oil as farmers look to meet buyers increasing importance on cleaner labels and trusted U.S.-grown products.