New Approach to Soybean Meal Looks at Bigger Picture

This piece written by Genesis Feed Technologies co-founder and CEO Peter Schott discusses how all quality indicators of soybean meal such as crude protein, crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber, sugars, and amino acid profiles should be taken into account by purchasers to consider the meal’s true value. A recent meta-analysis looked at 18 different studies and 1,944 samples of soybeans from Argentina, Brazil, India, and the United States to quantify the relationship between the country of origin and the chemical composition, protein quality, and nutritive value of the resulting soybean meal. The data from this study were then processed by the Nutrient Value Calculator (NVC), a software tool constructed by Genesis Feed Technologies.

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Peter Schott
Peter Schott

Co-founder and CEO

Genesis Feed Technologies

Peter is the co-founder of Genesis Feed Technologies, a mobile platform for the animal feed industry. When he's not in front of his computer, he likes to spend time with his wife and three girls. In the remaining hour of the month he will sometimes read a book or workout.