A soy-biobased fifth-wheel grease is lubricating a Midwestern grocer’s fleet of 81 tractor-trailers and equipment in Washington D.C.’s water utility’s fleet, helping them both meet sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or cost.

The fleets report that the grease is easy to apply and it stays on, which keeps equipment and grounds cleaner. Its pleasant odor is a plus for workers too.

“I’m very impressed with the biobased fifth-wheel grease,” said Mark Wyrick, director of fleet management for Fareway Stores, Inc.  “It’s comparable in performance and cost to the petroleum-based product we had been using.”

Shop Foreman Scott Lowe reports that the biobased grease sticks to the fifth-wheel in the rain, unlike the traditional petroleum-based grease.  “It’s a very good product,” he adds.