The U.S. Soybean Export Council invests in innovative tools enabling customers to make research-based data-driven decisions in their choices of soybeans and soybean products. This is the third story in a four-part series on the soy-specific tools and technologies for international customers of U.S. Soy.

Soybean meal makes the world feed industry go ‘round. An important source of protein in animal and aquaculture diets, soybeans come in many shapes and sizes, and qualities. Getting down to the true value of each bean is crucial to supporting crushers’ bottom lines.

How is the optimal nutritional value of soybean meal evaluated? Historically, crude protein alone has been the answer to this question. Research has proven, however, that’s not the optimal indicator of how soybeans will be optimized to meet the demands of the feed industry. Following a recent meta-analytical study, the U.S. Soybean Export Council partnered with Genesis Feed Technologies to leverage, the Nutrient Value Calculator (NVC), a first of its kind technology that allows buyers to evaluate the optimal nutritional value of soy from different origins, in terms of dollars and cents.

The NVC is an evolving product of data-driven research and innovation. with the NVC, you can make balanced value-driven and return on investment-based decisions. The NVC ensures your customers are provided the highest value, most consistent and economical feed ration for their production systems. and at the same time, you select the most cost effective input.

Comparing value parameters like color and number of damaged kernels, the calculator compares nutritional value in terms of digestible amino acids, taking into consideration the full soybean profile.

“This technology enables customers of U.S. Soy to be confident in their product formulation and purchasing decisions,” said Charles Hall, USSEC Director of Animal and Aquaculture Nutrition Meal. “The NVC breaks down profits for each country of origin, and research shows those relative differences matter in terms of bottom line.”

From farming practices to handling and transport, where soybeans are grown impacts the value they pack. When looking at the entire equation, U.S. Soy comes out on top.

Calculating the value of soybean meal with U.S. Soy in practical diets, the NVC converts data into commercial options.

The NVC helps you make enhanced quality driven decisions to deliver better nutrition and consistency to your customers,” said Matthew Clark, Genesis Feed Technologies. “Simultaneously NVC optimises your internal return on investment by smart purchasing effectively using the benefits of the full spectrum of the technical quality of available soybean meal.”

When value is not considered, the price of soybean meal itself means little to nothing in terms of bottom line. For example, in NVC formulations, buyers save money using U.S. Soy even if it costs more than that of other origins. How so? Because it takes less soybean meal derived from U.S. Soy to equate the same balanced ration, proving country of origin matters.

The NVC will continue to aid customers of U.S. Soy in navigating that value difference as innovation continues, data is added, and technology moves forward.

The Nutrient Value Calculator (NVC) was developed by Genesis Feed Technologies and USSEC offers this tool to the international customers of U.S. Soy, with funding from the United Soybean Board, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and others in the U.S. Soy value chain.

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