Weed Control
Continuous Improvement

Ground Work 2022: Weeding and Feeding Michigan Soybeans and Corn

David WilliamsJul 11, 2022

Our weather continues to influence how we are managing the 2022 crop on our farm in Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest. Our crops are…


Soy-based Herbicide Wins Student Soybean Innovation Competition

Purdue UniversityJul 17, 2020

Purdue University students developed a soy-based herbicide to win a soy innovation contest.

Weed Control

U.S. Growers Learn More About Soybean Weed Control at South Dakota State University Summer Tour

Michelle RookOct 30, 2018

SDSU's Volga Research Farm Summer Tour featured the newest technology for weed control and fighting resistant weeds in soybeans. When farmers can’t control weeds, they…

Cover Crops

Cover Crops Promote Soil Health and Environmental Benefits

Michelle RookDec 20, 2017

U.S. soybean farmers employ various sustainability methods including cover crops. Some cover crop benefits include increasing soil microbes, increasing water infiltration, reducing the amount of…

Weed Control

U.S. Soybean Farmers Apply Herbicides in a Sustainable Manner to Control Weeds

Susanne ZilberfarbNov 28, 2017

Maryland farmer Eric Spates explains how he applies herbicides in a sustainable manner and applies foliar micronutrients to help control weeds. [video width="400" height="224" mp4="http://ussoy2018.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Spraying-Weeds.mp4"][/video]

Weed Control

U.S. Soybean Farmers Use Technology to Produce a Sustainable Product

Susanne ZilberfarbNov 21, 2017

Maryland farmer Eric Spates talks about how he uses the same computer as both a yield monitor and a sprayer monitor. GPS and autosteer help…