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Ground Work 2022: Rains Delay Indiana Soybean Planting

Mike Koehne|Jun 28, 2022

This spring has continued to be a challenge in our area of the U.S. Midwest. We started planting on May 10, and we successfully planted…

Ralph Lott on Global Food Security
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U.S. Soybean Farmers Have an Unprecedented Leadership Role for Global Food Security

Ralph Lott|Jun 21, 2022

2022 marks my family’s 70th year of growing soybeans, which means we all know our distinct roles very well. Tuning up machinery, clearing rocks out…


Alabama Soybean Farmer, Front-Line Conservationist

Wendy Yeager|Jun 10, 2022

I grew up on a farm in south Alabama and left to pursue what I thought was my dream of becoming a veterinarian. But fate…


Farmers for Soil Health

John Johnson|Jun 2, 2022

Farmers are front-line caretakers of the land who work every day to conserve our natural resources. Doing so allows them to remain economically and environmentally…

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Sustainable U.S. Soy Helping Meet the Food, Feed and Fuel Demands in the Americas

Brandelyn Twellman|May 27, 2022

USSEC recognizes growth in the adoption of Sustainable U.S. Soy (SUSS) label in the Americas region. U.S. Soy farmers are leading the way in implementing…


Sustainability Matters to Buyers, Says U.S. Soy Grower Leader

Jen Del Carmen|May 27, 2022

Iowa farmer and United Soybean Board director Tom Oswald was recently featured on Siouxland News’ Proud to Be a Hometown Farmer series. Oswald spoke about…


U.S. Soy: Sustainable Solution to Southeast Asia’s Perfect Commodity Storm

Brandelyn Twellman|May 10, 2022

Sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers in Southeast Asia (SEA) amidst shifts in agricultural markets. In the region, 58% of consumers are willing to invest…


Partners in Conservation: Farmers Can’t do it Alone

Jack Cornell|Apr 25, 2022

Farming is fundamental to growing the food, feed, and fuel upon which our fast-growing global population depends. Sustainability in agriculture is a focus on continuous…


U.S. Soy Farmers Sustainably Solve Some of Society’s Biggest Challenges

Tim Bardole|Apr 15, 2022

This piece was originally published on U.S. Soy farmers play an important role in supporting food security, reliably delivering high-quality food and feed to…


U.S. Soy Sustainability Overview Year 2021

USB Staff Writer|Apr 11, 2022

United States soybean farmers grow and develop sustainable soy-based solutions to address some of today’s biggest societal challenges – producing feed, food and fuel for…