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2020 Ground Work: Working and Waiting in Ohio

Bill Bayliss|Jun 1, 2020

As of late May, we have about one-third of our corn and soybean fields planted. Our winter wheat continues to look really good. That’s great…


Cropping System Inventory Shows Increase in No-Till Acres on U.S. Soybean Farms

South Dakota Soybean|May 30, 2020

South Dakota Soybean describes how farmers adapted to the wettest year on record with a significant increase in no-till acres.

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Soy Innovation Challenge Seeks to Enhance Soy Value Chain Through Innovation and Technology

George Harper|May 28, 2020

In the existing soybean supply chain, U.S. soy farmers are principally price takers without transparent access to market signals originating from end users. Similarly, the…


Delivery Process Helps Get U.S. Soy to Buyers

Alan Barrett|May 13, 2020

This piece explains the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)’s delivery process.


Soybean Seed Transportation Logistics Adapt During Pandemic

USSEC Staff Writer|May 12, 2020

Airlines ensure timely transportation of soybean seed to the U.S. to be planted during the 2020 season during the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak.

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Pandemic Highlights Value of U.S. Soy

Gordon Denny|May 7, 2020

The U.S. remains the producer of a reliable supply of soybeans and soy products and maintains the advantages of U.S. soy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


How Conservation Can Ready Soils for Planting After Tough Weather

Ag Professional|May 4, 2020

Conservation tillage systems can provide solutions for challenging soil and field conditions created by tough weather in 2019, according to an article from Ag Professional.


U.S. Soy Farmers are Part of a Team Reducing Environmental Impact

American Farm Bureau Federation|Apr 26, 2020

U.S. soy farmers are part of the sustainability solution as they produce more with less. This American Farm Bureau Federation video highlights sustainability in U.S.…

Ground Work

Ground Work: Planting and Soybean Breeding in Arkansas

Brad Doyle|Apr 18, 2020

For the past month, it has rained almost every third day in our area of Arkansas, in the south-central U.S. That has been just enough…

Ground Work

2020 Ground Work: Managing Cover Crops in Ohio

Bill Bayliss|Apr 17, 2020

Ohio soybean farmer Bill Bayliss shares a 2020 Ground Work update on planting preparation for his farm focusing on the decision about how to manage…