Soybean Oil
Conservation Tillage

Farming is More than a Job – It’s a Way of Life for U.S. Soybean Growers

Lisa HumphreysJan 23, 2018

Sustainable practices help U.S. soybean farmers produce more soybeans on less land while reducing harmful emissions and soil erosion. These videos, narrated in English, Mandarin,…

End Users

RSN JANJUA, USSEC Contractor, Pakistan Program

Jen Del CarmenJan 19, 2018

In the young Pakistan market, USSEC’s efforts have emphasized personal relationships and education. Several large Pakistani customers attended the 2017 U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange.…

Soybean Oil

Refining to Specifications

Laura TempleJan 16, 2018

Crush plants extract oil from whole soybeans for use in applications like frying chicken, making salad dressings or baking pastries. Crude soybean oil gets added…