Soy Technology

Soy-based Herbicide Wins Student Soybean Innovation Competition

Purdue UniversityJul 17, 2020

Purdue University students developed a soy-based herbicide to win a soy innovation contest.

Soy Technology

Digital Transformation Trends in Agriculture

Jen Del CarmenApr 30, 2019

Forbes Magazine examines innovations that are revolutionizing crop production Digital innovation is allowing U.S. soybean farmers to be more productive, more profitable and more sustainable…

Soy Technology

Weather Monitoring Tool Delivers Insight to U.S. Soy Farmers

National Science FoundationJun 23, 2018

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Arable Labs has developed a crop and weather sensor that delivers real-time, precision weather information straight to the hands…

Soy Technology

New Iowa State University Research Could Help Farmers Diagnose Soybean Stresses With A Smartphone

Iowa State UniversityJun 20, 2018

A new approach developed by ISU scientists could allow plant breeders and farmers to diagnose soybean stresses – such as iron deficiency, disease or herbicide…


Iowa Soybean Farm Serves as Prototype for Village Farms in China

Pascal KuipersMar 25, 2018

Rick Kimberley and wife Martha are the fifth generation on the Kimberley family farm. Son Grant, the sixth generation, not only contributes to U.S. Soy…

Soy Technology

Drone use limited, but possibilities nearly endless

USB Staff WriterJun 27, 2017

Andrew Dierks pulled the rugged black crate from the box of his pickup, snapped open the clips and pulled out a piece of farm equipment…