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GROUND WORK – Planting Season is Over in Kentucky

Quint PottingerJun 26, 2017

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GMOs: Helping Us Produce More With Less

Lindsey HendricksJun 23, 2017

So much of my job as a mom of two is figuring out how to do more with less. Use coupons to buy more groceries…

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Sustainable Since 1866

Nancy KavazanjianJun 20, 2017

[caption id="attachment_1984" align="alignnone" width="766"] Pictured above is USFRA Chairwoman Nancy Kavazanjian who farms in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Nancy is sitting on Hammer and Kavazanjian Farms’…

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Multiple Planting Options to Meet Our Sustainability Goal

Lauren BieglerJun 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 May continued to provide weather challenges for planting. It was so wet and cold at points, we had to halt planting for…

Cover Crops

As Unique as a Thumbprint

Sarah WilsonMay 19, 2017

Farmers are committed to growing a safe, abundant and sustainable food supply. We all care for the land from which we make our livelihood, but…

Family farms

97: The Percentage of U.S. Farms that Are Family-Owned

Dana DagmanMay 18, 2017

“Corporate farms” and “factory farms” are labels many people give to farms using modern equipment and technology. Following that definition then, you might think “family…