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Generation Z: A New Era of Farming in the U.S.

Steve KozelDec 10, 2018

What Should International Customers Expect from the Next Generation of Farmers? Each generation enters the workforce bringing new perspectives and processes. As new technologies and…

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U.S. Soy Grower’s Family Delights in International Collaboration

Jen Del CarmenNov 22, 2018

As a third generation U.S. soybean grower, South Dakota farmer Lewis Bainbridge knows a thing or two about his farm family’s legacy. And as the…

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“Our Family is Helping to Nourish Families around the World”

Lisa HumphreysOct 28, 2018

During visits to U.S. Soy farms, Chinese buyers and U.S. growers make human connections. Building these personal relationships helps to enhance buyers' confidence in U.S.…

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Peterson Farm Bros Shake Things Up at U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange

Eric GibsonOct 12, 2018

The recent U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange and Midwest Specialty Grains Conference & Tradeshow event in Kansas City, Missouri saw a diverse group of soy…

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U.S. Farmers Can Now Put Soil Moisture Technology in Action

Jamie BeyerSep 11, 2018

U.S. farmers have long embraced opportunities to improve their crop and their land through on-farm technology, whether through irrigation, biotechnology, or drones. A new on-farm…

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Soy Sale: Farmers Work To Market Crop At Premier Soybean Event

Matthew WildeSep 6, 2018

Farmers and trade experts believe you sell nearly 4.6 billion bushels of soybeans one deal and handshake at a time. There’s no better place to…