Human Consumption
Human Consumption

“Upcycling” Soymilk Pulp into High-Fiber Flour

USSEC Staff WriterAug 20, 2020

U.S.-based Renewal Mill upcycles soy by making soymilk pulp into a high-protein flour in an effort to reduce food waste.


Growth in Tempeh Market Offers Global Opportunities

USSEC Staff WriterAug 5, 2020

Growing demand for tempeh could increase demand for the U.S. soybeans preferred in Indonesia – and create opportunities for Indonesia to export tempeh to the…

Amino Acids

U.S. Soy Provides Shelf-Stable Protein for the World in Uncertain Times

Linda FunkApr 23, 2020

The quality and reliability of U.S.-grown soy make it a logical choice not only for nourishing the growing global population, but also a practical choice…


Providing Sustainable Protein for Global Nutrition Needs, Part 2 of 2

Linda FunkApr 11, 2020

U.S. soybean farmers take advantage of innovative technology, sustainability practices and conservation standards to promote global food security for a growing world population. 

High Protein

Whether Plant or Animal, Protein Plays an Essential Role in Global Nutrition

Polly RuhlandOct 17, 2019

When it comes to protein choices, I’ve observed the conversation subtly erode from speaking to the benefits of all protein to focus on an alleged…

Human Consumption

Soyfoods are Foods for the Future, Part 2 of 2

Linda FunkOct 14, 2019

Globally speaking, today’s children are well positioned to become tomorrow’s soy consumers for a number of reasons. Soyfoods are foods for the future because they…