Decades of Research Show Soy Protein Lowers LDL-Cholesterol

Mark Messina, Ph.D.Aug 14, 2019

Two newly published analyses support the efficacy of soy protein for lowering blood cholesterol levels.1,2 Published in top tier peer-reviewed nutrition and medical journals, the…


Unlocking the Health Benefits of Soy Flours

M. Hikmet BoyaciogluJul 25, 2019

Globally, health and wellness have been a driving force for bakery during the past few decades. According to Euromonitor International, bakery leads the pack in…


Soy Improves Cognition, Recent Studies Indicate

Soy Nutrition InstituteJul 11, 2019

Just about a year ago, this blog addressed the relationship between soy and cognitive function, a controversial topic given some of the older epidemiologic findings.1,2 The…


Perspective on Breast Cancer and Soy Controversy

Mark Messina, Ph.D.Jul 10, 2019

The soy and breast cancer controversy has been around a long time. It persists despite an abundance of human research supporting the safety and possible…


New Study Confirms Soy Protein Lowers Cholesterol

Soy Nutrition InstituteJun 15, 2019

New research published in the Journal of Nutrition, by David Jenkins, MD, PhD and colleagues from the University of Toronto, shows that soy protein significantly…


New Insights About Soy and Prostate

Mark Messina, Ph.D.May 17, 2019

Men who regularly consume soy are less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t.  New research from Ohio State University provides one reason…