Drones Help U.S. Soybean Farmers Reduce Waste, Maximize Resources and Boost Yields

Jen Del CarmenJul 16, 2018

Many U.S. farmers are vocal in stating that precision agriculture (also known as “big data”) has changed the way they farm. But can precision agriculture,…


Soybean Components Make Soy Foods Enticing When it Comes to Good Health

Mark Messina, Ph.D.Jul 6, 2018

The dramatic rise in soy research beginning in the early 1990s can be attributed primarily to the new interest in isoflavones. This interest is directly…


Mexico Culinary Students Choose U.S. Soy

Nayeli VilanovaJun 8, 2018

Cooking is more than a favorite hobby for Andrea Aguilar – it’s also her livelihood. The Merida, Mexico native noticed that culinary schools in Mexico’s…


Soyfoods: Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Lowering Chronic Disease Risk

Mark Messina, Ph.D.May 28, 2018

A systematic review and meta-analysis published by Canadian researchers highlights the important role plant protein, and in particular soy protein, can have in reducing risk…


Soyfoods Make It Easy to Eat More Legumes

Mark Messina, Ph.D.May 14, 2018

The United Nations declared 2016 to be the International Year of the Pulses, placing a focus on the role of these foods in healthy diets…

Animal Feed

Food + Fuel

Lisa HumphreysMay 13, 2018

With soybeans, we don't have to choose. U.S. soybean farmers grow versatile and renewable soybeans to help meet food, feed, and fuel demand globally.