Cover Crops
Cover Crops

Working the Soil System

Dan LemkeFeb 21, 2018

North Dakota farmer Rocklin (Rocky) Bateman was at a crossroads. After farming conventionally for years, financial challenges in the 1990s put him and his family…

Cover Crops

Cover Crop Tool Directs Decision Making

Barb Baylor AndersonFeb 5, 2018

Farmers have as many questions as answers when it comes to cover crops. While this relative newcomer to conservation strategy is proving effective, it’s not…

Cover Crops

Sustainability Practices Prove Their Worth

Jessica WhartonJan 26, 2018

Walton Farms has been operating on and around the same land in Iowa since 1835, spanning multiple generations and many different farming practices. When Walton…

Cover Crops

Soil Health a Win for U.S. Soybean Farmers and End-Users

Michelle RookJan 18, 2018

There is a renewed emphasis on soil health in agriculture through sustainable practices such as no-till farming and the planting of cover crops. [ Recorded…

Cover Crops

Cover Crops Promote Soil Health and Environmental Benefits

Michelle RookDec 20, 2017

U.S. soybean farmers employ various sustainability methods including cover crops. Some cover crop benefits include increasing soil microbes, increasing water infiltration, reducing the amount of…

Conservation Tillage

Conservation acclamation

Jason JenkinsDec 13, 2017

Lamberts honored with Missouri’s first Leopold award. As Matt Lambert harvests corn on an overcast early November afternoon, the clamorous combine kicks up more than…