Laura Temple

Contributing Editor

Laura Temple enjoys telling complex stories from the agriculture industry. Throughout her career, she has helped industry associations and companies communicate about science-based issues, programs and management practices. Her industry experience includes crop protection, seeds, technology development and use, livestock production, trade and more. She grew up on a crop and pig farm in northwest Illinois and earned her B.S. in agricultural communications from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

High Protein

U.S. Soy: Setting the Foundation for Growth of Protein Production in Emerging Markets

Laura TempleMar 22, 2021

Egypt, Thailand and Vietnam are soybean markets that all are showing significant growth in imports from the U.S. The history of USSEC investments in these…


Nanotechnology Innovation Supports Sustainability 

Laura TempleApr 25, 2020

Nanotechnology applications in agriculture from Aqua-Yield provide an input delivery system that improves fertilizer, micronutrient and pesticide chemical efficacy. This innovation supports continuous improvement in…

Continuous Improvement

Bees Boost Crop Health

Laura TempleJan 31, 2020

Kansas, in the U.S. Midwest, names the honeybee as the official state insect. Beekeepers across the state are encouraging farmers to diversify and increase crop…

Family farms

Farmers Find Innovative Ways to Share Their Stories

Laura TempleJan 20, 2020

As consumers move further from today’s technologically advanced farms, U.S. farmers have found innovative ways to share their stories and connect with their customers. Many…

Continuous Improvement

2020 Ground Work: Winter Farm Work

Laura TempleJan 5, 2020

U.S. farmers typically harvest most of their soybeans between September and November. Planting doesn’t begin until about April or May. But the winter months in…


Debunking Soy Consumption Myths

Laura TempleDec 29, 2019

Soybeans deliver complete protein along with vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids and fiber. But conflicting research has created uncertainty about consuming soy. A research summary…