David Williams

U.S. soybean farmer

David Williams and his nephew are the fifth and sixth generations to run the family farm near Elsie, Michigan. They raise soybeans, corn and wheat. David attended Michigan State University and worked for railroads and a printing company before returning to the family farm. He focuses on using conservation practices and technology to sustainably raise high-quality crops.

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Continuously Improving Sustainability of Michigan Soybeans

David Williams|Dec 2, 2022

Dry weather this fall allowed for an efficient harvest season in our area of Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest. After getting soybean harvest underway…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Michigan Soybean Harvest Underway

David Williams|Oct 20, 2022

We started harvesting our soybeans on October 4. Late-season rain in our area of Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest, caused the soybeans to take…

Michigan soybean yield
Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Timely Rain Boosts Michigan Soybean Yield Potential

David Williams|Aug 23, 2022

In early August, we finally got a good, timely rain in our area of Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest. That was ideal timing for…

Food & Lifestyle

Ground Work 2022:Weeding and Feeding Michigan Soybeans and Corn

David Williams|Jul 11, 2022

Our weather continues to influence how we are managing the 2022 crop on our farm in Michigan, in the eastern U.S. Midwest. Our crops are…

Ground Work

Ground Work 2022:Weather Adjusts Michigan Planting

David Williams|May 27, 2022

Farmers rely on the weather, but we also must adjust to what the weather allows. We’ve had to do quite a bit of adapting based…