Analyst Predicts South Asia as Next Big Boom Market for U.S. Soy

China is not the only buyer of U.S. soy in Asia. Opportunities exist for short- and long-term demand growth in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, according to analyst John Baize.

Baize talked with the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) about why he believes that South Asia, particularly India, will be where soybeans will see the largest growth for demand in the future. Baize discusses that some believe India’s population to have already exceeded China’s and how this will lead to demand for soy-fed animal protein. Watch the full video below.

John Baize


John Baize and Associates

Analyst John Baize leverages his 38 years of working the global market on behalf of soybeans and other farm products to predict trends and growth.