Agriculture is constantly evolving, giving U.S. soybean farmers innovative new tools with which to produce abundant, sustainable crops.

Farm Journal’s Sonja Begemann, seed and crop production editor, recently shared “Four Trends to Watch in the Next Five Years,” as delivered via webinar by Bayer’s head of research and development in the crop science division, Adrian Percy.

Paraphrased, these include:
1. Digital tools will hit the market quicker and in greater volume than we’ve seen yet.
2. Plant breeding will be accelerated by new, precise technology.
3. Research will continue in the area of soil microbiomes. Findings will show farmers how producers can enhance soil or work between crops and soil.
4. A generational shift will continue as millennials plan an even greater role in farming.

These four trends will shape U.S. agriculture for years to come, helping U.S. soybean farmers continue to meet global demand.