Big South American Crop Can’t Outpace Global Demand

Dorothy TateMar 21, 2017

Demand for U.S. Soy remains strong, despite record production in Brazil. Here, a grain strategist…



Jen Del CarmenApr 27, 2017

While the price of soybeans is always a critical component in purchasing, so is quality, supply, consistency and the ability to meet transportation needs.


U.S. Transportation System: Delivering Quality Soy

USB Staff WriterMar 1, 2017

U.S. Soy has a leg up on the competition because of our robust transportation infrastructure – and we can use that advantage to better meet…


Regulatory delays have real costs to soy value chain, consumers

USB Staff WriterFeb 17, 2017

With the population expected to reach 9.1 billion people by 2050, agriculture needs access to new tools and technologies to meet the needs of a…


Better Quality Boosts U.S. Soy Demand

USB Staff WriterFeb 15, 2017

Packed into every soybean grown in the U.S. is a set of components that are proving its value. U.S. Soy’s elite meal nutritional bundle of…

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growing season timeline: Stillman Farm, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Jim StillmanFeb 1, 2016

Jim Stillman - Emmetsburg, Iowa December 21, 2015 While we’re mostly finished with everything we wanted to take care of in the fields, we’re still hoping…

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Growing Season Timeline: Haigwood Farm, Newport, Arkansas

Derek HaigwoodFeb 1, 2016

Derek Haigwood - Newport, Arkansas December 18, 2015 This time of year, some of the organizations I’m involved in (United Soybean Board, U.S. Soybean Export Council)…