Family farms
Family farms

Iowa Farm Family Sustains Operation Over 100 Years

USSEC Staff WriterNov 3, 2015

As this year’s soybean harvest draws to a close, one farm family is looking back on the last 100 years to plan for the next…

Family farms

This is Harvest

USSEC Staff WriterJan 19, 2015

Harvesting a Crop That’s Sustainable for the World, Future Generations Hartke Swine Center, Inc., is a family farm located in Teutopolis, Illinois, right in…

Family farms

Diversifying for the Future: A Musser Family Tradition

USSEC Staff WriterOct 29, 2014

M&R Grains Inc. - Mount Joy, PA In the small southeastern Pennsylvania town of Mount Joy, members of the Musser family have cared for their piece…


100+ Years of Change

USSEC Staff WriterJun 16, 2014

As farmers who’ve lived on and farmed the same property for over a hundred years, the Hayes family knows more than just a little bit…

Family farms

Making Sustainability A Family Affair

USSEC Staff WriterOct 14, 2013

Richard Jameson has made a home for himself on the cutting edge of sustainable farming. He’s always collecting data to make his operation more efficient,…