Family farms

Bill Nye Saves the World – And Examines the Safety and Sustainability of GMOs

Julie KenneyApr 26, 2017

I heard a stat the other day that most Americans are two to three generations removed from a farm. So when most people walk through…

Family farms

Switch It Up: 4 Ways Crop Rotation Helps Our Farm Be Sustainable

Kyla HamiltonApr 25, 2017

If you ever find yourself in a rut, it always seems helpful to switch up your routine. Take a different route to work. Listen to…

Family farms

Planting Preparation

Kellie BlairApr 17, 2017

Planning for a successful crop year after year Do you have a backyard garden or potted herbs on your patio? Just as you prepare to…

End Users

Ready, Willing And Sustainable

USB Staff WriterApr 17, 2017

U.S. soybean farmers take on the challenge of meeting customers' sustainability demands When asked why sustainability matters to them, a majority of soybean farmers respond…

Family farms

Soil…As Valuable as Diamonds?

Katie HegerApr 12, 2017

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The bigger and sparklier the gem, the more it draws attention. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t…

Family farms

Iowa Farm Family Sustains Operation Over 100 Years

USSEC Staff WriterNov 3, 2015

As this year’s soybean harvest draws to a close, one farm family is looking back on the last 100 years to plan for the next…