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U.S. Soy delivers best nutritional bundle

USSEC Staff WriterMar 13, 2017

A comparative analysis of soybean meal reveals: U.S. Soy delivers best nutritional bundle Commercial samples were gathered over eight consecutive years from the world's largest exporters…


The importance of long-term partnerships with overseas customers: An industry perspective

USSEC Staff WriterDec 2, 2015

Lucas Blaustein wasn’t raised on a farm, and he speaks Mandarin Chinese. As an export trader for containerized commodities at Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB),…

Family farms

Iowa Farm Family Sustains Operation Over 100 Years

USSEC Staff WriterNov 3, 2015

As this year’s soybean harvest draws to a close, one farm family is looking back on the last 100 years to plan for the next…


Many Modes of Transportation Keep U.S. Soy Reliable, Competitive

USSEC Staff WriterOct 20, 2015

Wilkins Farm, Greenwood, Delaware As he harvests his crops on his farm in the Mid Atlantic portion of the United States, Richard Wilkins has a lot…


Keeping Priorities Straight

USSEC Staff WriterSep 29, 2015

Sharon Covert, Tiskilwa, Illinois When asking a U.S. soybean farmer what his or her priorities are during the planting, growing and harvest seasons, you will…